Meet the Author

Maddie M. White is a Young Adult Fiction Author and Blogger. Her shorter pieces have been featured in Flash Fiction Magazine, Mojave Heart Review, Stigma Fighters, and many other online magazines. 

Maddie married her best friend and high school sweetheart, Shawn. She’s a cat mom to two sweet girls named MJ and Remy. She dreams of writing books that would have made twelve-year-old her proud. Inspiring people through her characters and their stories is her passion. She is also a Mental Health advocate. 

Her blog, Ask the Author, promotes published authors and their work while also encouraging aspiring writers to tell their own stories. The blog has nearly two hundred interviews and is ongoing. 

She wrote and self-published her first book, :08 SECONDS, which you can find on Amazon. Maddie is plotting her second novel and can’t wait to share this personal story with her readers. 

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“I’m always so hung up on saying the right thing, on stringing the perfect sentence together. Maybe it’s okay for my words to come out messy and wrong sometimes, as long as they’re true.”

-Marisa Kanter, What I Like About You