Ask the Author: Pearl Tate


What would you like readers to know about you? 

I would like the readers to know I’m just like them. I’m a huge fan of Science Fiction and Sci-Fi Romance. My preferred genre to read had evolved over time. Through the years I’ve binge read all kinds of books and horror is my secret love. When I get a book, I want it to be able to turn off my built-in bullshit meter and just enjoy the moment. Ultimately, the books are for everyone out there like me who wants something light and entertaining to read. 


What is “Bren’s Blessing” about for those who haven’t read it? 

Bren’s Blessing is the first book in a fated mate romance with alien men. Each book will introduce and follow the storyline of a couple while moving through the overarching plot of them dealing with their homeworld commitments, finding a place to settle down and start a family with their mates, and interacting with other alien species in the universe. 


What has been your inspiration for writing Bren’s Blessing? 

The inspiration for the entire Quasar Lineage series has been what I love about all the other Sci-Fi Romance books I’ve read. I know I’m not the only person out there who loves the totally committed alpha male, falling deeply in love with the only woman he wants for the rest of his life. 


What was your favorite scene or part of Bren’s Blessing to write? 

My favorite part of Bren’s story are the reveals. It’s one of the fabulous things about writing in first person present tense. What everyone knows is limited. I’ve had feedback that people feel lost at first. but that’s part of the story. We don’t immediately know everything about someone when we meet them. You get the same reveal while reading about the aliens–from their past relationships all the way to how they’re raised. 


What books or authors inspired you to become a writer? 

Terry Brooks, Stephen King, Iris Johansen, Anne Rice, Kresley Cole, Laurann Dohner, Ruby Dixon, Evangeline Anderson, Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning, J.W. Ward 


What advice would you give to aspiring authors who want to write a book? 

There are no rules. With self-publishing, you can put it out there and it doesn’t have to be a certain length or be written a certain way. If I had taken the feedback from beta readers the first time I put my book out there, I would never have published it. Know your own audience and who you are writing to and you’ll be fine. Don’t get caught up in editing and rewriting, publish and write something new. Your fans will want more. 


Book six “Travek’s Treasure” will be out by April 12th. 

Bren’s Blessing: 

Series Link (5 books right now although Amazon hasn’t updated that yet for whatever reason):   

Book Bundle for one and two: Bren’s Blessing & Matthias’s Miracle: 

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