Ask the Author: Ayize Jama-Everett

What would I like readers to know about me?

Hmmm… not much :).  I’m not shy but I am a bit private.  That’s not to say if you speak to me I won’t chat back but I write books so that I don’t have to talk to people :).

What are the Liminal books about?  

They’re my take on what happens when you give damaged people powers. Surpsue to no one, they don’t put on capes and save cute card from mean trees.  They also don’t put on faceplant and poison cities. Well not most of them. What they try to do is stay loyal to their principals and protect their families of choice. And then they get into scraps with each other and have to travel through time on a song and stuff like that :).  

Things I love writing?

Fight scenes, food, and music.  What’s life without those elements?

Who inspired me?

Andrew Vachss, Octavia Butler, Richard Price, Samuel Delaney, Walter Mosley, and Nalo Hopkinson all got me dreaming about being a writer.  Them and comic books.


A writer writes.  There’s no such thing as perfection so get the shitty first draft down and refine it until it’s not so shitty.  But you can only do that if it’s on the page. And if you want an easy or high paying job, learn to code. Writing is for those who can’t be happy doing anything else.

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