Ask the Author: Sue Moorcroft

What would you like readers to know about you? 

I’m a Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author who has reached the #1 spot in the UK Kindle chart. I’m currently publishing two books a year with the wonderful Avon, HarperCollins team. They’re books of life and love, dealing with a few unexpected themes. I’ve also written short stories, serials, articles, columns, novellas, courses and a writing guide. I was born in Germany, live in England, love Formula 1, dancing, yoga and hanging out with friends and family. 


What is A SUMMER TO REMEMBER about for those who haven’t read it? 

Clancy Moss needs to leave behind her cheating ex-fiancé, a business she’s no longer part of and friends who have let her down. She takes a job as caretaker of a row of holiday cottages in a tiny north Norfolk village of Nelson’s Bar where there’s no mobile phone signal and scant broadband, looking after her cousin Alice’s half-share interest. When she made the decision to hide out in Nelson’s Bar she probably hadn’t paid enough attention to the fact that she’d visited the village before and left a bit of ‘a situation’ behind … as had Alice. 


What has been your inspiration for writing A SUMMER TO REMEMBER? 

I caught sight of something on Twitter. A man got caught in a compromising situation as a result of modern technology and it made me wonder how his wife/girlfriend would feel about it. I also began to think about the fact that there are various types of betrayal and one by a business partner can be pretty awful. I’m not sure why I set the book in Norfolk. The idea of rural areas not being well-served with communication signals took hold and I used to have especial problems on holidays in certain parts of north Norfolk so I suppose that’s it. 


What was your favorite scene or part of A SUMMER TO REMEMBER to write? 

Honestly? The beginning, before anything had a chance to go wrong. This is my fourteenth novel but was the hardest to write. I have no real idea why! I really struggled with it. There was no one more surprised than I when my editor, agent and beta reader all loved it and I got the lightest edits I’d ever had.  


What books or authors inspired you to become a writer? 

All of them, I suppose. From the age I first understood that someone created the story that went on the pages of a book I wanted to do it. It’s a compulsion and even when I’ve just finished a book and I’m trying to catch up with everything, my mind is going all plotty on me and thinking about another book. 


What advice would you give to aspiring authors who want to write a book? 

Educate yourself. This doesn’t have to be a degree or even a formal class. You can learn from writing guides, conferences, workshops, talks, forums, podcasts, magazines, other writers, online or in reality. Learn about publishing as well as writing. 

Submit your work.

Persist. I truly believe the name for a writer who doesn’t give up is ‘published’. 


You can discover more about Sue and her writing at and Find her on Facebook author pageTwitter @suemoorcroft and Instagram @SueMoorcroftAuthor. 

A Summer to Remember is available on Amazon from 2 May 2019 in paperbackebook and audio; from Kobo and iBooks and all good retailers. 


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