Ask the Author: WB Welch

What authors inspired you to write in the horror genre? 

I feel like it’s just cheesy if I say Stephen King, but it’s true. To be fair, I am a horror consumer across media, so I can’t say it’s solely King’s responsibility, but he definitely played a big role. I read a lot of Goosebumps as a kid, too and, later, a Clive Barker collection I remember carting around with me everywhere. 


What is your favorite thriller book? 

One of my favorite thrillers of all time is Frankenstein. I’ve read it a few times, and I’m partial to the Frankenstein monster. 


Which short story in Blood Drops was most fun to write? 

“Antics” was the most fun. There is a scene where siblings are running around the living room, and I enjoyed trying to describe the action. 


Your book debuted near the top of your genre on Amazon amongst author Stephen King, what was that like for you? 

 Oh, dude, it was beyond anything I could have hoped or asked for. I am still amazed at the amount of copies that have moved and at the reviews that have been left. When I was conceptualizing Blood Drops, all I wanted was for a handful of people to read it. I continue to be flattered by the overall response. 


What is something you hope your readers take away from Blood Drops? 

 I like to make people think. Each of the stories is like a peek into someone else’s life, and a lot of the situations around them are believable, even if there are supernatural elements. I want to encourage readers to ponder how they may have handled the situation or make them wonder how well they actually know some of their friends and associates. 


Are you currently working on any new material, if so, what? 

 I am! I am in the middle of a zombie novella, which Tory Hunter and I are co-authoring. I am also writing a novel, working title Damp, that I hope to finish up later this summer. I am also in the planning stages for Blood Drops II, so keep your eyes peeled! 


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