Ask the Author: C.G. Drew

What would you like readers to know about you? 

Hi! My name is C.G. Drews and I’m the author of A Thousand Perfect Notes and The Boy Who Steals Houses. I live in Australia surrounded by piles of books (I’m trying to read them all here) believe in cake for breakfast. My books are here to make you laugh, or cry…or both!

What is your book about for those who haven’t read it? 

It’s about a homeless boy who breaks into empty houses to live while the owners are away until he steals a house that isn’t empty and meets a family who start to steal his heart.  

What has been your inspiration for writing your book? 

I’ve always wanted to write a Goldilocks genderbent retelling! I often go on long walks and imagine things about the empty houses I pass…which lead to me thinking about a teenage burglar who maybe was there to steal the house instead of the things inside it.

What was your favorite scene or part of your book to write? 

I adore writing the banter and family shenanigans! The middle of a story is definitely my favourite to craft because everything has settled in and we’re deep into the adventure…before everything starts to fall apart.

What books or authors inspired you to become a writer? 

I am wholly in love with the works of Maggie Stiefvater, K. Ancrum, and Adam Silvera.  

What advice would you give to aspiring authors who want to write a book? 

Definitely to FINISH what you start! And never quit. It’s hard when our visions of grand stories don’t match the wordy mess we pour out onto the page, but you can hone and polish that. You can’t progress as a writer until you finish things and learn to edit. Your story is important and there is a place for it in the world, so keep writing! 



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