Ask the Author: Donan Berg

What would you like readers to know about you? 

I’m impressed by the heroic actions of ordinary persons. Persons who pass by every day. It’s an interest generated by my journalistic background that evolved into a law career where I represented individuals marginalized by society. Values are important. My first novel, A Body To Bones, created as a mystery hid the moral evolution of Sarah, the main character. 

I believe it is imperative that no person stop striving until the desired goal is achieved. I’ve often cited my radio speaking experience. When in high school, I entered a radio speaking contest. When my mother asked how it went, I said I was the last to arrive and ended up in the same position. Undeterred, the next year, I didn’t surprise my mother to tell her I finished first. The experience of others having faith has resounded throughout my entire life.  

This life experience carries through the following questions. 


What is Alexa’s Gold about for those who haven’t read it? 

Alexa’s Gold, a romantic thriller, is my seventh published novel. More than a traditional romance, a traumatized Alexa exhibits a survival grit and desire to succeed that we’d love to have. Yes, she desires to recover her grandfather’s gold, but she also strives to protect her son and find him a male model, i.e., a dad. Multiple twists and turns are spun with gusto. 


What has been your inspiration for writing Alexa’s Gold? 

Alexa’s Gold, my latest novel, is a culmination of mystery and romance. While the inspiration journey has been long, the best way to tell it is to consider the outside influences on a writer. An editor once said that A Body To Bones, while good, could have better secondary characters. It was suggested I consider romance stories where plot was secondary. So I did. I studied romance and wrote, “One Paper Heart” which won the Featheredquill national contest first place gold award for romance. Buoyed by the romance honor, I added my interest in mystery to romance to write Alexa’s Gold. 


What was your favorite scene or part of Alexa’s Gold to write? 

That’s easy. Readers have verified my personal choice. There is a scene where Alexa must escape kidnappers. She uses intelligence and grit to initially escape but is yet susceptible to capture. She’s on her own. Can’t tell you more. 


What books or authors inspired you to become a writer? 

Oh, there’s so many. Growing up, reading was encouraged. My mother wrote for multiple newspapers. In high school, I substituted for her at different times. Seeing the words I wrote published was heady. As a college student, I progressed to become a summer news editor on one of the newspapers she corresponded for. When you have to edit the words your award-winning mother writes, there’s no greater teaching tool.  


What advice would you give to aspiring authors who want to write a book? 

Read, write, read and write again. Search your experiences and goals. Don’t be passive. Believe in yourself. Accept the paradox: There’s no unique story, but there’s one story within you. It’s the story only you can write. Accept the challenge.   


If you wish to learn more about Donan Berg, visit  His bio and novel samples are also reachable at or at 

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