Ask the Author: Nisha Sharma

What would you like readers to know about you? 

That I write young adult and adult romance. That I love dogs and cats, and I’m passionate about social justice. I’d like readers to know that I’ve been writing for ten years before My So-Called Bollywood Life came out, and that I try to support as many of my writer friends as I can, because I thrive with the support of my peers, too. I’m also obsessed with Bollywood movies, love to dance, but love going to bed at 9:30am even more. And that I have a few really fun books coming out in the near future.  


What is your book about for those who haven’t read it? 

My young adult novel ‘My So-Called Bollywood Life’ is about a Bollywood loving teenager who has to choose between the destiny that a pandit prophesied for her, and the life and love she chooses. My adult romance ‘The Takeover Effect’ is a family drama, the first in The Singh Family trilogy, about three brothers and their determination to save their father’s immigrant dream.  


What has been your inspiration for writing it? 

My inspiration for both books came from a place of need. I needed to see myself represented in the types of stories that I loved to read. I wanted fun, fluffy YA romances that didn’t tackle identity issues when I was a kid, and I am always in the market for a great billionaire romance. So I wrote both because I wanted to see South Asian characters represented in both types of stories.  


What was your favorite scene or part of your book to write? 

For Bollywood Life, I loved writing the dream sequences between the heroine and the Bollywood movie star Shah Rukh Khan. For The Takeover Effect, so much of it is about wealthy living, so that was fun to research and write.  


What books or authors inspired you to become a writer? 

Definitely Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I loved Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. I was obsessed with Nora Robert when I was younger, and I wrote Nancy Drew fanfiction like a maniac. I think all of them contributed to my overall need to become a writer.  


What advice would you give to aspiring authors who want to write a book? 

To read the type of books you want to write. I think that advice, in general, can be taken with a grain of salt because there are so many different ways to reach a goal, but this one I believe in. Writers should be readers, too.  


RITA nominee Nisha Sharma is the author of MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE, a Kirkus starred reviewed YA romance, and NPR best book of 2018. She is also the author of THE TAKEOVER EFFECT, a Library Journal starred reviewed adult contemporary romance and the first installment of The Singh Family Trilogy.  

Her writing has been praised by Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, Hypable and more.  

Nisha lives in New Jersey with her Alaskan husband, her cat Lizzie Bennett and her dog Nancey Drew. She credits her father for her multiple graduate degrees and her mother for her love of Jane Austen and Shah Rukh Khan. You can find her online at or on Twitter and Instagram @nishawrites. 

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