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Ask the Author: Robbie Couch

“Sky is a high school senior who’s head over heels in love with his classmate, Ali. Sky wants to stick it to his homophobic haters and ask Ali to Prom, but his embarrassing list of Promposal ideas gets leaked to the whole school by an anonymous hacker. Sky is crushed—but his classmates give him a reason to fight back.”

Ask the Author: Laura Segal Stegman

“Summer of L.U.C.K. is a middle-grade story about three kids finding their way to self-acceptance with the help of a ghost who haunts a magical carnival. Stuttering Darby is never perfect enough for her mother. Justin’s been silent since his dad died. Naz is struggling to learn English. But after they meet at summer camp, they’re granted power to communicate without words by mysterious calliope music from an abandoned warehouse. When they sneak inside to find out why, the dark, empty space bursts into a carnival that echoes with sounds of happy children. They’re greeted by the ghost of Leroy Usher, who asks for their help reconciling his estranged family. In return, he takes the kids on magical adventures where they learn to find their voices.”

Ask the Author: Ash Van Otterloo

“Cattywampus tells the story of two young witches—Delpha McGill and Katybird Hearn—who desperately want to learn magic, but it’s been forbidden by their rival witch families due to a magical truce.

But after Delpha’s grandma dies and Delpha finds her family magic book, she decides to teach herself magic in secret. Katybird Hearn finds out about Delpha’s book and demands to tag along.

Trouble is, the girls are different as night and day—each with a challenging history that interferes with their ability to do magic well. During an argument in a cemetery over Delpha’s spellbook, they accidentally cast a hex that wakes all their witch ancestors as destructive feuding zombies.

In order to master the counter-curse that puts the zombies to rest, the girls, with the help of their friend Tyler, have to learn lessons of trust, vulnerability, and self-acceptance.”

Ask the Author: Auriane Desombre

“I Think I Love You is a YA enemies-to-lovers rom com set over the course of a summer film competition. The book alternates between Emma and Sophia as narrators as they fight it out through their camera lenses. Emma is a die-hard romantic who wants to make a short film with bi representation and a happily ever after. Sophia, who’s just gotten back from a year in Paris after her parents’ divorce, wants to make an artsy (read: pretentious) film with a message. They both hate the other’s artistic vision — at least at first.”

Ask the Author: Jamie Beth Cohen

“WASTED PRETTY is a coming of age YA novel about sixteen-year-old Alice, who juggles wanted and unwanted attention when she inadvertently goes from blending in to standing out. It’s also about families, addiction, body image, and how complicated it can be for girls to define themselves within and outside of the male gaze.”

Ask the Author: Lisa Schroeder

“DON’T JUDGE ME is coming in November and is about a 6th grade girl who is off to a rocky start at middle school because she misses her cozy-feeling elementary school. When she finds a notebook being passed around the middle school that rates girls on their looks, she has to try and figure out what to do. She’s not the kind to make waves but she also doesn’t want it to keep circulating. It’s very much a book about learning to find strength in community and speaking up for what’s right.”

Ask the Author: Kevin Craig

“the story of six teens who have all committed crimes that could land them in juvenile detention. They’re each given a Get Out Of Jail Free card with The Walk program. They can escape all consequences if they walk a portion of the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain. Whether they’ve chosen it, or it was chosen for them by their parents, they all arrive in Madrid as strangers and make their way to the starting point in Ponferrada, Spain. There’s Diego, Shania, Manny, Troy, Greg and Claire, and their two court appointed counsellors. The diverse teens are thrown together for the journey of their lives…200km across the mountainous Galica region of Spain.”

Ask the Author: J.R.H. Lawless

“ALWAYS GREENER and the just-released RUDE EYE OF REBELLION are the first two novels in THE GENERAL BUZZ, my dark Science Fiction comedy series. Set in the corporate-run 2070s, the two books follow the misadventures of Liam Argyle, a well-meaning fool of fate who tries to use his position in the corporate world to help folks and make a difference. But since he’s the host of the omni-connected world’s hottest new reality show, The Grass is Greener, where contestants get ocular implants broadcasting 24/7 and compete to convince everyone watching that they have the worst lives and are the future’s biggest victims, he gets drawn in to a corporate machine that exploits misery and destroys lives, the exact opposite of everything Liam’s principles would have him do.”

Ask the Author: Martha Waters

“a rom-com set in Regency England, and it follows an estranged married couple who married young and then had a big fight, and haven’t been on speaking terms for several years. Violet, the wife, decides to fake a case of consumption to get her husband James’s attention — a terrible plan that he sees through almost immediately, but he pretends to go along with her ruse, and it turns into an escalating battle of one-upsmanship even as they fall back in love.”

Ask the Author: Lucy McLaren

“In a kingdom oppressed by a ruthless cult, a young woman fights through trauma to protect two hunted children and reach the shelter promised by a power-wielding rebel, all the while pursued by a commander blinded by love and loyalty.”

Ask the Author: Rachel Mans McKenny

“.. an anti-social butterfly. The heroine, Greta studies butterflies and prefers them to people. When her twin has a health emergency, she has to rush home from a research trip. While taking care of him, she has to rebuild the bridges she burnt in her family– and with her ex-boyfriend. It’s a good fit for lovers of a grumpy hero, like in A Man Called Ove.”

Ask the Author: Caleb Roehrig

“THE FELL OF DARK is a paranormal fantasy about August Pfeiffer, a teenage boy living in a vampire town. Fulton Heights, IL, isn’t known for much—just a dying mall and a nexus of mystical energy fields that attract the undead—and the only thing Auggie wants is to live long enough to graduate and move somewhere else. Anywhere else. But his plans are derailed with the sudden arrival of an annoyingly hot vampire named Jude Marlowe. Impossibly, it seems that Auggie is the key figure in an ancient, apocalyptic prophecy…and the end of the world is due any minute. As dark forces spread through his hometown, and the people closest to him reveal one shocking secret after another, Auggie must confront a terrifying question: is he destined to save the world…or to destroy it?”