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Ask the Author: E.J. Dawson

“I write sci-fi fantasy predominately but love to dabble in romance and paranormal. As such my sci-fi action Queen of Spades trilogy is about Ayla and her dark gift of seeing when everyone will die, but she’s been frozen for three millennia and while she remembers who she is, she has no memory of how she got there. On the other hand, I have Letitia in Behind the Veil, who can read the veil between life and death and gives closure to grieving families, but when a man comes to her to save his niece, she’ll need to choose between self-preservation and insanity. I write weak female protagonists whose illusions of what makes them strong or weak isn’t all it appears and their self-discovery is part of the story.”

Ask the Author: Miel Moreland

IT GOES LIKE THIS is about the four former members of a world-famous queer pop band. A year and a half after their messy breakup, there’s a devastating storm in their hometown, and they reunite to perform at a benefit concert. For Eva and Celeste, this reunion is especially fraught—because Celeste broke up with Eva on the same night as the band fell apart. Ultimately, it’s about discovering whether growing up always means growing apart.

Ask the Author: Alysa Wishingrad

“THE VERDIGRIS PAWN is the story of Beau, heir to the ruler of the Land, a man so frightening, people only dare call him Himself. Beau has been raised isolated and alone. And despite the harsh and judgmental treatment he gets from his father, Beau has no idea of the brutal tyranny Himself unleashes upon his subjects and how hated and feared their family is.

This all changes when he meets Cressi, a servant, who opens his eyes to the realities of life in the Land – especially about Mastery House, a terrible and brutal place where the children of the poor are sent to be raised and trained to be servants in exchange for their families taxes.

This discovery of the truth sets Beau off on an epic adventure as he tries to undo the poisoned legacy of his family. But in order to restore fairness and equality to the Land, he must think of things like a real-life game of Fist (a board game similar to chess!)

But when you’re reviled throughout the Land and false heroes lurk around every corner, leading a rebellion is easier said than done.

This is a story about how appearances aren’t always what they seem and how real power can come from the most unlikely places.”

Ask the Author: Janet Walden-West

“I pitched SALT+STILETTOS as Top Chef meets Sweet Home Alabama with a stubborn, publicity-phobic American Samoan chef breaking into the South Beach fine dining scene, and a determined image consultant hired on a deadline to turn him into a star. And there are certainly plenty of cutthroat foodie moments, culture clashes, and bonding over Spam. However, it’s also about dealing with body image issues, trying to protect privacy in a world more and more dominated by a nothing-is-off-limits mentality, and defying poverty and society’s expectations.”

Ask the Author: Bethany Mangle

“PREPPED is about a girl named Becca Aldaine who has grown up in a community of doomsday preppers. She doesn’t believe in it, so she’s planning to run away to college, leaving behind her little sister, Katie, who is independent enough to not buy into the prepping either. But then there’s an unexpected accident and Katie starts to believe that the world is unsafe. Becca teams up with Roy, her prepper-approved boyfriend, to plot an escape and protect her sister at the same time.”

Ask the Author: Robin Stevenson

“WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE is a book I co-wrote with my very good friend–and very talented author–Tom Ryan. It is about two cousins who live on opposite coasts and haven’t seen each in years. When their grandfather dies, Mark and Talia find themselves reunited at the family cottage. They don’t have a lot in common, except for one thing: they’d both rather be in Toronto for Pride weekend. So, with Mark’s kid sister Paige along for the ride, they head off– and along the way, make some new friends, uncover some family secrets, and learn a few things about themselves as well.”

Ask the Author: A.S. Reid

“an analogue for 11th-century Hungary, and it’s about a young pagan girl who is cast out of her village for her Jewish ancestry and her lack of magic, who is forced to team up with the disgraced prince in order to stop his tyrant brother from taking the throne and enacting a reign of religious persecution and ethnic cleansing. It’s an enemies-to-lovers romance with lots of religious angst (and plenty of gore, for those who like their fantasy with a side helping of horror).”

Ask the Author: Joan F. Smith

“sixteen-year-old Lila Cunningham creates a series of rules to help prevent her from feeling the kind of pain she felt after she loses her father to suicide. When her mother sends her to a Maine grief camp, Lila must confront the unanswered questions behind her father’s death head-on while forging new friendships and falling in love with someone who might not be who he says he is.”

Ask the Author: Rin Chupeco

“My last two books were released in 2019 – the first is the sequel to THE NEVER TILTING WORLD, called THE EVER CRUEL KINGDOM. The duology is about young twin goddesses torn apart when their world was split into night and day due to the adults ignoring the very deadly effects of climate change in their country, with dire consequences. Now they must make their way toward each other – fighting through monsters borne from this split, along with other stubborn adults who still continue to oppose their efforts, believing they’ve done nothing wrong – and figure out how to undo the destruction before it consumes their world. And if this sounds like a censure against real life events and real life adults currently in charge, then it probably is.

My other book is WICKED AS YOU WISH, the first in the A HUNDRED NAMES FOR MAGIC series, and it has an alternate timeline from ours in that all fairy tales are actually part of real history. A young Filipina teen winds up with a neighbor who turns out to be the long-lost prince of Avalon who is in hiding from the Snow Queen, who wants to end his line. They wind up teaming with others committed to defending their king, all with their own assortment of fairy tale-esque abilities, to get back their kingdom, which has been frozen by the queen for nearly a decade. It’s a book about found family, especially for queer and BIPOC folk, and inspired by my own experiences and personal journey, and the friends that I’ve met and treasured because of it.”

Ask the Author: Ben Gartner

“My latest book, Sol Invictus, is about two siblings—John and Sarah—who travel back in time to an ancient Roman frontier town called Aventicum, in what is modern-day Switzerland near the Alps. They have some very high-stakes pressure to unite the caesar of Gaul with his enemy, an Alemanni (Germanic) “barbarian,” or else something very bad might happen to their world, and endanger their chances of returning home. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also dealing with many physical challenges like an encounter with a wolf, fighting in the gladiator ring, chariot chases, and more. It’s very exciting, if I do say so myself (my sons agree). And, ultimately, it’s about John and Sarah working together, though they each have their own internal struggles.”

Ask the Author: Emily Thiede

“The Last Finestra is a romantic YA fantasy coming out in 2022 about 18-year-old Alessa, a divinely-chosen savior “blessed” by the gods with the power to magnify a partner’s magic who can’t quite get the hang of it and keeps accidentally killing everyone she touches instead. (Whoops!) Facing assassination, she recruits a cynical outcast marked as a killer to become her personal bodyguard, but Dante has dark secrets from his own—he might be the one who can help her master her gift… or destroy her once and for all.”

Ask the Author: Trish Doller

“FLOAT PLAN is about Anna, a young woman who goes to sea after the death of her fiancé in the sailboat they were meant to sail together. Anna quickly learns that she’s out of her depth and enlists the help of Keane, a former competitive sailor. As they make their way through the Caribbean together, Anna and Keane help each other chart new courses for their lives.”